Gilligan “Jingle” Carter Riley (Aug 6 th , 1963 – February 29 th , 2016)

Gilligan “Jingle” Carter Riley

(Aug 6 th , 1963 – February 29 th , 2016)

Gilligan Carter Riley of the Kesnukwon Bay, better known as “Jingle” by his radio listeners passed away on February 29th, 2016 to injuries from a motor vehicle accident. Due to the harsh weather, emergency services were unable to reach him. He was alone at the time of his passing, the community mourns the loss of a local radio legend.

Jingle was born on August 6th, 1963 in Charlotte County. He was the son of Roger Gilligan Riley and Julianne Mary-Anne Malcolm Riley who both pre-deceased him. He and his mother moved to the then Bay Area after the passing of his father in 1980. He attended St. Patricks School for music in BC, before dropping out after his mother grew ill from pneumonia.

Jingle worked to provide for his mother by operating several oyster leases along the Kesnukwon bay, but gave up the business after her peaceful death in 83.

Locals will recall Jingle beginning his broadcasting career by playing music out of a cassette player he’d hot wired to his Chev. He’d travel hours out of town until he could catch a nearby signal, record what songs he could and meet the fisherman at the shore to serenade them with found tracks.

Since then, he became a pillar of the community, volunteering as a firefighter, grass cutter, snowplow driver and DJ for many years. He sat as co-chair of the Shellfish Festival Committee for nearly two decades, was elected Mayor in 97 and served until 08 when the office was abolished. All the while, he continued to operate the former Porthouse as a radio station and base of operations for his commitments to our town. He would take out the old Chev and cassettes for special community events and Sunday drives.

In 1987, he married Madison Beauvoir and in 88 they had one son, Curtis Malcolm Riley. Beauvoir died during child birth, but Jingle raised his son to be a strong man and accomplished radio host like himself.

Operating for many years as “Jingle and the Kid”, Jingle and his son Curt helped secure 93.1 The Splash FM, Kesnukwons’ first radio station, and currently the only privately owned station in the county.

He is succeeded by his son Curt, his former-assistant Gary Cooke and the spirit of the Kesnukwon Bay and The Porthouse radio station.

Known for his nautical analogies and signature catchphrase: his Will stated the following to be relayed to his neighbours and friends: “Don’t hold back the tears, they are the tides calling me out to sea. Steer your rudder with your heart, the stars are damn liars. Wahoo!”

Howard Trent, The Daily Gill.


Mack is Back!

Mack is Back!

Earlmyer wins re-election campaign

(November 16th, 2017 Kesnukwon Bay) In a landslide victory this past week, former conservative MP Mack Earlmyer regained his seat as representative of the Greater Kesnukwon Bay Area. Upon hearing the news Earlmyer seemed pleased but not at all surprised, “That’s the way it goes. The people want an encore.”

Earlmyer took a brief hiatus this past summer after falling ill from ‘contaminated seafood’, having abruptly resigned from his position and handing it off to his successor local accountant, Jim Beanman.

All seemed lost for the conservatives in Kesnukwon without Earlmyer as he was the youngest candidatefor the party in all its history. “He’s a spry young man, he really brings new life to The [Kesnukwon] Bay and the party” said local Edith Franz who lives close to the legion.

Earlmyer’s absence cast doubt in the minds of voters as Beanman failed to pick up the slack. Liberal Candidate Jacque LeFoix began his own campaign trail by visiting failing businesses in the area and promising unrealistic government support.

“We don’t need new ideas,” said LeFoix “We need to support these family businesses that are suffering here.”

Needless to say, LeFoix wasn’t popular with much of Kesnukwon’s population but he was much more interesting than Beanman. Though it is suspected that may be because of the accent.

But in a shocking twist to the campaign trail, Beanman himself fell ill to a similar sickness and Earlmyer, having worked through the symptoms and persevered, took up the campaign and the rest is Kesnukwon history.

Earlmyer’s platform focused on his “New Business” program, seeking to bring large budget operations to the area and employ a huge percentage of the population.

“Were just glad to have him back on the reigns,” said Joel Cormier, a gas station attendant on the 04.

When asked about his and Beanman’s health, Earlmyer promised to launch an investigation into the contaminations in the Kesnukwon Bay, though he made no indication it was a result of runoff or other chemicals that may be harmful to humans.

“Understandably the Fisherman are our priority in Kesnukwon, We’re simply reinstating Catch Maximums until we can solve the problem,” Earlmyer’s office told the Gill, “Until such time as Kesnukwon’s food is safe again, we will be shipping additional stock from out of town with the gracious help of Kolossal Fisheries.”

Howard Trent, The Daily Gill.



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