Hello Internet;

Today I am writing to you from one of my favorite Fredericton hidey-holes, the biology building greenhouse. It’s about to pour down with rain. I'm in a glass building full of orange trees and tropical flowers. It smells amazing in here. I love this place. It’s always empty in the summer. I can sit at a chess table and work.

UNB 2019

UNB 2019

I'm waiting for the read-through of a NotaBle Acts one-act show, The Gullywhump by Greg Everett. This is one of the few shows I didn’t get a chance to read. I'm excited to meet the cast for the first time and hear this horror.

I'm also directing a lunchtime short, The Hoard by Brandon Hicks. A short comedy with a garbage puppet. There's nothing I don't like about it. I hope you all come out to see it.

-Laura-Beth Bird