Hello Internet;

I would like to remind you of a great thing that happens every year in Fredericton, NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival. This festival is open to New Brunswick playwrights looking to get new and exciting work out into the community.

The call for submissions is out, and the deadline is Shakespeare birthday (April 23rd)! There’s still time to clean up an old script that has been sat on your hard drive, you know, that script that has been waiting for the right opportunity? There are multiple categories that fit any length of play. Click the link to read more about it.



NotaBle Acts has a special place in my heart. I came to the company with a PETL grant in hand, begging for work. Len Falkenstein took a chance on me last summer, without knowing any of my work. I was placed with a team under the guidance of Mike Johnston. I was able to work for them for 6 months, staging two Bard in the Barracks shows, sixteen shows with NotaBle Acts and ending the term with A Life of Galileo in the Black Box Theatre.

NotaBle Acts gave me a foot in the door and has helped me grow my community and portfolio. I am now a board member with the festival and really encourage anyone to get involved. If you are not a playwright, there are still opportunities for actors and directors later in the year. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page.

-Laura-Beth Bird