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I went shopping today and picked up a book that was very special to me; James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. I have a section of time each week to read a book to my junior students, and this is the first one I grabbed. There will be many, many more books. I can promise you that.

So, why is this book so special to me? It’s the very first play I remember seeing. Someone took me to see James and the Giant Peach in Hereford England. I can’t tell you what theater, or what year, or the company. I can tell you that the stage was a giant peach and it was the first time I saw a show done so well. The scene when they are stuck in the storm is seared into my brain. It’s crazy what you remember from childhood.

I thought I would bring it back full circle for nostalgia. I bought the book, read it to the children and maybe half were listening. I should have started it next week instead of the first day of school. Lessons learned.

James and The Giant Peach. Roald Dahl. Cover Art

James and The Giant Peach. Roald Dahl. Cover Art


Hello Internet;

What have I done with my first day off in over a month you ask? Read. It’s raining out so I can't paint outside. I’ve cleaned the house and cooked dinner. The laundry is done. So all that’s left is the snuggle up with a book. Today I’m cracking open a book that has been sat on my shelf for over a year. Theatre Without Borders by Robert Astle. I bought this copy at Owls Nest Book Store before it closed its doors forever.


Here’s the bio:

Who are the artists who are currently invigorating Canadian theatre? They are the artists who come to the theatre through the “back door” — eccentrics, absurdists, puppeteers, clowns, raconteurs, and solo performance artists who are looking at our place in the world through physical comedy, satire, subversive humour, ingenuity. Their creations are generous, inventive and always infused with a high level of virtuosity. Much of this work is “borderless” — that is to say it breaks down the borders between the public and performer — mocking our preoccupations and pretensions, communicating stories with images, allusion, metaphor and unforgettable characters that fully engage the audience.

The artists profiled in this lively book have toured their works extensively, have performed to audiences around the globe to great acclaim and have influenced young performers through teaching and performance.

Through in-depth interviews, photographs and representative texts, readers are also given the opportunity to be introduced to an astounding cross-section of influential English and French Canadian performance artists who are truly creating theatre without borders.


Hello internet;

What am I reading today you ask? Well, the Catapult program (fabulous, highly recommend) that is hosted through ArtsLinkNB gave me a stack of fabulous business for artists books.

Today’s page turner: Show your work! By Austin Kleon

As you may have guessed by the title, its all about documenting and presenting your work in an easy, manageable way (like through blog posts). The writing isn’t bogged down with complex language or statistics, just basic information. Give it a read, it might help.




-          Laura-Beth Bird