Hello Internet;

Not a lot of you would know this unless you sat down for coffee with me, but part of my personal mission is the promotion of Maritime artists on the Canadian stage. The maritime region is under-represented, underfunded and often overlooked. The work we do can compete with the rest of Canada. We have stories to tell, and art to make and we should scream about it until somebody looks over past the Bermuda triangle that is Quebec.

When I was 20, I thought that I had to be better than everyone to get ahead. I’m turning 25 now, (still young) and I see that successful people learn from and grow with their community. They reinvest into programming and education for their peers and for youth. They open their arms and share knowledge.

This is why I sit on three boards. I volunteer for community events. I work with children and ask for advice from the people around me. I watch the rest of Canada for trends in funding and practice. Now, I implore my readers to think about this concept. If the rest of Canada isn't looking this way, I’m pleading with you to find a way to make them.

Laura-Beth Bird. Tipsy Muse Cafe. 2019

Laura-Beth Bird. Tipsy Muse Cafe. 2019

Thank you for coming to my soapbox... again.

-Laura-Beth Bird