Hello internet;

I would like to share my journey as an emerging artist with you all. I am not eloquent, or fancy, or a fantastic published writer but I am a keen learner. As I begin to build a lifetime of work, I am consistently advised to throw open the doors and let the public in - to see the nitty-gritty ugly stuff. so, I’m peeling back the polished show layer to pre-production so that I can help others like myself. Rationalizing it with a key artistic principle I firmly believe in. Sharing knowledge.

I am at the “figure it out” point in my career, and I am told that this feeling will last right until I’m done. My community of artists and business mentors have helped me learn everything from painting techniques to script analysis, spreadsheets to taxes. I am very thankful to them all, and I know I still learn so much more.

As artists we create work from the influence of everything around us, be it art shows at big fancy galleries, or the colour of soup. The structured education of a conservatory program or the joy of simply playing.  I am no different. When I build a show or paint a set, I feel like I am building a universe. Each thing in that universe is curated and each movement belongs in that world.

So, from here forward, I welcome you to Grey Rabbit Theatre Co. and the world we will create…together.

-          Laura-Beth Bird

photo by: Gavin Reid. Source: The Aquinian