Hello Internet;

I'm in Windsor Nova Scotia for Animotion Intensive Training at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. I was fortunate enough to win the scholarship from UNIMA Canada to pay the course fees. Today is day 14.


Today was all about reviewing and working the puppets we visited in the last two and a half weeks. We are on our last two days of training here in Windsor NS. Our focus was on little and big doughboys, recycled puppets and tabletop puppets.

Jim came back from Asia today and he took the time to pull apart our puppet scenes. He showed us new ways to operate the puppets. Puppeteers can become furniture for the big doughboys. We also discovered new ways to reveal our characters and ways to hand off limbs for better transitions.

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. Animotion. 2019

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. Animotion. 2019

We have a small showcase in the loft tomorrow. Eleven puppeteers will present their puppets and the skills that they have learned to an open audience. After that, I head back to Fredericton to sleep in my own bed and get re-energized for next weeks Drama Fest.

See you soon Fredericton!

-Laura-Beth Bird