Hello Internet;

After puppet school for three weeks and Dramafest for 6 days, my back was killing me. At first, I chalked it up to the change in beds and all the standing at the festival. Today, I gave in and let my partner book me into a masseuse. I'm sure he was getting tired of my whining. The masseuse worked through my body and kneaded the tension out of my back.

We talked through what was affecting where. Lifting the puppets put tension in my neck, and more noticeably on my left side because I am right hand dominant. I had tension in my shoulders from stress and posture and in my lower back from lifting things.

Generally, I just try to get work done. I stretch before rehearsals but I rarely stretch before lifting sets. I guess I'm getting older and my body can't do what it could years ago. That's something I need to accept. My body is my tool for work, and I need to take care of it more.

Laura-Beth Bird

Laura-Beth Bird

-Laura-Beth Bird