Hello Internet;

I'm in Windsor Nova Scotia for Animotion Intensive Training at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. I was fortunate enough to win the scholarship from UNIMA Canada to pay the course fees. Today is day 13.


Our usual warm-ups incorporated the floor puppets today. We juggle in pairs with the floor puppets. The floor puppets play cards with each other too. It makes things a lot harder.

For a lunchtime treat, we all headed down to Avondale warf for a pot luck/ picnic. The group learned that kale doesn't hold up to Nova Scotian ocean winds and Birkenstocks are not great for this time of year. It was nice to get outside. We've been held up in a theatre for two and a half weeks. It was nice to see the sun.

Avondale Warf. Animotion. 2019

Avondale Warf. Animotion. 2019

For the rest of the afternoon, we revisited little and big doughboys. We learned how to pull ourselves out of focus and work better in our groups. Hands will get in the way of the little doughboys when your learning. We took turns stepping out of the scenes to critique each other's performance.

-Laura-Beth Bird