Hello Internet;

My body is my tool for work. I practice my voice, my stance, and my breath constantly. I wake up and do tongue twisters some days just to stretch it out (three brown bears is a favorite). Yet, there's something I have been struggling with lately, my own flexibility.

It really hit home watching the athletes at the pole sport championships. It’s been a joke between myself and my partner now for the last year. He is incredibly flexible, and I can't get my leg straight (damage from cheerleading).

Laura-Beth Bird

Laura-Beth Bird

I want to push my body further. I am physically strong, but not remotely graceful or fluid. I'm heading off to Mermaid in a few weeks and I feel like this may hinder my puppetry ability. Puppeteering is a lot like dancing, moving with connectivity, constantly flowing.

This means I have two weeks to get the dust off these muscles and use my body for more than just lifting 4X8’s in and out of a truck. I’m going to get this started with YouTube yoga.

-Laura-Beth Bird