Hello Internet;

I'm in Windsor Nova Scotia for Animotion Intensive Training at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. I was fortunate enough to win the scholarship from UNIMA Canada to pay the course fees. Today is day 12.


We started off the day as per normal, bean bag tossing, bean bags on dowels and juggling. Today we incorporated the floor puppets into the juggling routines. Now, the operator needs to juggle and present a puppet who is involved in the action. It’s harder than you think.

For the rest of the day, we reviewed the table puppets. We learned table puppets on the second day of the class, so it was a bit rusty. We visited our original pieces and worked through them. We began to layer in things that we had learned from the other puppets; breath, focus, and teamwork. They evolved into something new, for better and for worse.

Tomorrow we will attack little doughboys again. I'm sure it will go the same way.

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. Animotion. 2019

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. Animotion. 2019

-Laura-Beth Bird