Hello Internet;

I'm in Windsor Nova Scotia for Animotion Intensive Training at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. I was fortunate enough to win the scholarship from UNIMA Canada to pay the course fees. Today is day 9.


Today, I managed to juggle further than four throws. I’m pretty pleased with myself. It only took me nine days to get this far. I also learned how to properly shuffle a deck of cards. I haven’t learned to shuffle it with a partner yet, but its progress.

Apart from that, we did the normal warm-ups of beanbag tossing and balancing large beanbags on poles. We’re now able to balance the dowels on our fingers, pass between our fingers and high five. We can also sing, follow each other, pass to one another and lay down and get back up without dropping the bags.

The group spent an hour going over our own puppets. I am trying to remember my tracking backstage. Hand puppets have a lot of props, and I will need to rig a light tomorrow to see behind the screen.

We spent the afternoon working on doughboys. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of my work today but here is a video that describes the operation pretty accurately.

Basically, three people operate the puppet. One person is on the head and body, one on the arms and one working the legs. The puppet uses tension to make it look like a living thing. The three people must work in unison to create an accurate image.

Tomorrow, we move onto the bigger version of this. The big doughboys will take five people to operate it. Apparently, it's even more physically demanding.

-Laura-Beth Bird