Hello Internet;

For the next three weeks, I'm in Windsor Nova Scotia for Animotion Intensive training at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. I was fortunate enough to win the scholarship from UNIMA to pay this course fees. Today is Day 1.


My partner headed back to Halifax early in the morning for meetings, so I was left at TAN, a cute coffee shop downtown. Windsor is small. I sat down with some tea and quiche and every person who walked in said hello to me, regardless of the fact that I was a stranger.


The 12 students gathered at 9:30 in the main room to pay their fees, take a tour of the facility and get settled into space. We began with strengthing exercises for the mind, tossing a beanbag between each other to a rhythm. We then balanced large bean bags perched on Dowling roads to strengthen our hands. We had to switch them between our fingers and hand and travel around balancing the poles in front of us. This was harder than I would like to admit.

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. Animotion. 2019

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. Animotion. 2019

After that, we dove straight into hand puppets. We were given small balls with a nose on them with a collar for two fingers inside. a very simple structure. we were shown the proper arm positions and gave them emotion and personalities. It's lunchtime now, and I cannot stress how much my shoulders hurt from this tiny little ball balancing on my fingers.

-Laura-Beth Bird