Hello Internet;

The puppet theatre is now in our garage. Right now, it looks like a giant shed. I will get to paint it soon, so that will help with everything. There still are a few more things to be done to it, so it's not a big unveiling yet.

This thing is not light or little. We had to switch the U-Haul out for a larger U-Haul…. which was still too small. So we had to flip it on its side (not easy) to load it in. It just fit. We then had to get it out of the truck and into the garage… it didn't fit through the door. So we had to turn it on its side and wiggle it in, then stand it up again.

We used good wood to build this monster. So, definitely not light. I have to say a big thank you to Alex Rioux who had no idea what he got himself into. Thanks, bud.

Now, I get to figure out how I want it to look!


-Laura-Beth Bird