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Saturday Canadian Pole Sports Federation held their annual competition at Ecole Saint Anne right here in Fredericton. Pole Sport and Pole Art divisions from across Canada and Japan competed for their shot at POSA worlds. 6 year old to 50+ divisions took to the stage to test their ariel abilities.

Maki Morishima and Keiko Takemoto stole the show with their closing performance in the international doubles competition. Not only was their piece culturally reflective, but it also brought new transitions and tricks to the stage.

Maki Morishima and Keiko Takemoto

Maki Morishima and Keiko Takemoto

Pole athletes have been fighting the stigma of sexualization of the sport for years. 2019 took a step forward with this problem with the recognition of government parties. This year, the City of Fredericton (who notoriously bulldozed strip joints and permanently ban these kinds of establishments) came forward and helped fun the 2019 competitions. They even bought the truss system for CPSF and donated funding to the event. Thanks to Fredericton Sports Tourism, CPSF is now hosting 2020 WORLDS here in Fredericton with over 300 competitors from around the world.

Well done CPSF President Ashley Wiggins and her amazing team. It’s amazing to see what can happen in just 3 years.

-Laura-Beth Bird