Hello Internet;

I have avoided posting about this because I thought it made me look unprofessional, but its a reality. I know I have a lot of new artists read my blog, so I thought I should talk about it.

The next job.

The work I do is often contractual, which means it has an end date. Every 4 months or so I get to panic about what's going to happen next. I count down my paychecks, I think about various companies in the region, where I could go or what I could do. I start to feel defeated and then I look for jobs outside of the Arts, like office work, or selling pictures of my feet online.

Thankfully, I have a very supportive partner who reminds me that I'm never out of work for very long.

I’ve spoken with other artists. Apparently, once you get past all the SEED contracts and YCW funding posts, there are some gems. It seems like after two or three years you begin to have repeat contracts and can schedule your year accordingly. It will begin to seem less daunting and even begin to stabilize.

This doesn't mean that I don't panic about the "what if’s". I have to keep reminding myself that I'm new to this career. I work hard, I'm smart, and I can adapt to any situation. A lot like Bear Grylls if Bear Grylls was a 140lb 24-year-old woman.

My point is readers, it takes time for anyone to establish a career. It doesn't happen right away, and that's OK.

Laura-Beth Bird

Laura-Beth Bird

-Laura-Beth Bird