Hello Internet;

Today I went on a shopping trip for the supplies to begin painting the Vardi Puppet House. Although this is funded through Arts NB, it hurt my soul. The grant is for a one-time purchase of supplies. Today, I bought paints, stencils, and paintbrushes. Over the weekend I will have to buy tools, shock mats, ratchet straps ect... I know this is what its meant for, but its a lot all at once.

What got me was the paintbrushes. I've been an artist for a while. I have slowly accumulated all of my supplies over the years. So I've never really done the math. This summer while working this summer, I lent out my paintbrushes only to have them returned unusable (oil-based outdoor paint, broken etc). So, I bought new professional brushes from Micheals, (they were by one get one free). It quickly adds up.

Now, I'm sat at home with my tin of candy apple red paint and all my supplies, feeling guilty for spending government money. I never thought I would feel this way about the government.


Laura-Beth Bird