Hello Internet;

IIt's now Monday and It's been another busy weekend. It was full of film, creative writers and rehearsals.

The weekend kicked off with a film. I was working with Tony’s 2999 class for their sound sync project. This was my first time shooting on film instead of digital. It's a one-shot deal and I even did my own stunts (falling gracelessly onto the ground). Film is often a way for me to satisfy the actor in me. I can take a couple of days and create a short film with a team instead of giving large chunks of time for stage rehearsals and show. This was a two-day project featuring other Fredericton based actors such as Kaitlyn Adair, Tony Tomarchio and Jon Wilkinson.

Props.  UNB 2999 sound sync project

Props. UNB 2999 sound sync project

Scripts and Screens saw another great night of conversation. Local writers came down to room 015 of the Charlotte Street Arts Center with scripts in hand. We discussed, critiqued and offered advice to other creatives. This was the second meeting. Scripts and Screens quarterly event with the next installment coming this summer. The event is seeing repeat members and great responses. Keep an eye out for the next one.

Scripts and Screens. Grey Rabbit Theatre Co.

Scripts and Screens. Grey Rabbit Theatre Co.

The AOK festival is this Friday, you can find myself and other Fredericton based actors reading brand new works by local playwrights. I am reading for Elisabeth in Brianna Parker's new work, The Bride. All proceeds go to the Fredericton Homeless Shelter. I hope everyone can make it out!

-Laura-Beth Bird