Hello Internet;

4000 miles and 27 shows down, a student asked me a question for the first time.

A grade 3 girl wearing a unicorn wig and a bright pink dress asked the actors and I if “we loved our jobs and if we loved being performers?”. Of course, I wouldn't tell her “no, it's awful being a theatre artist” even if it was true. She's in grade 3. We are pretty cool people in her eyes.

I often forget that theatre seems like an unusual career for children. I’m not a doctor, or a teacher or a ballerina. They don't make teddy bears with cue books in their arms. I'm a woman who carries large pieces of the set, makes lights and sound turn on and off and fixes costumes when they break. In reality, it's not very glamorous.

It was just such an earnest question that it threw me off balance this morning. I really do love what I do, and even when it was a rough start to the morning (I am not a creature of the morning) I honestly mean it.


-Laura-Beth Bird