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This week I have spent a lot of time putting up and tearing down sets with the help of children in schools. It has been interesting to see how children react to the more hands-on side of theatrical production. I like to show them how things work and try to explain why we use certain materials. Some children are interested in AV, others are interested in the construction of the set and some just want to get out of class.

Many children have never considered theater as a career option, it's just not something they are exposed to every day. Yesterday, a young boy asked me if it was fun working with theatre people. I said yes, and he then admitted he would love to do this as long as he worked with nice people. He asked me all about my cue system and who made all the music and came back after to see if he could help me pack up the sound system.

This is why exposure to theatre is important. Every once in a while a kid discovers something new.

Photo Credit: Andre Reinders. TNB Young Company

Photo Credit: Andre Reinders. TNB Young Company

-Laura-Beth Bird