Hello internet;

TNB has hit the road and I am feeling the gear changes. We went from rehearsal, to open dress and onto the road. Tonight was the first night I was able to be home and good dinner for myself and my partner, and it defiantly felt long overdue. Although, I can't say I'm sick of New England Pizza delivery yet.

TNB has given me their keys to their new truck which still has that new car smell. It's a transit van. Weirdly, I think my dad is more excited about the fact I have a transit van than anyone should or could be.

Growing up in England, my family ran a party business called Raging Bull Rodeo Rides. We supplied bouncy castles, ball pits, inflatable slides, sumo suits, rodeo bulls and so much more. We hauled it all from location to location in our white paneled transit van. My parents even had cowboy hats and I know every word to Jolene. I think my dad is experiencing some nostalgia about transits, and some weird pride that I am driving one now.

Tomorrow the cast and I leave before the sun and hit another school to perform Hansel and Gretel. I spent a good chunk of my evening baking snacks for the road and responding to emails that were lost in the gear shift this week.

Credit: Theatre New Brunswick 2019

Credit: Theatre New Brunswick 2019

-Laura-Beth Bird