Hello Internet;

With the snowstorms that keep hitting NB, I have been able to take an extra two days to get on top of all my applications. If someone told me that being an artist required this much writing, I would have found a way to make money kayaking in a rural area with no cellphone reception years ago.

In case you missed it, it’s Fundy Fringe Festival and Halifax Fringe application time. Make sure you get those in on time! I've chosen to support Thomas MacDougall's work “The Host” this year. Hopefully, we can take this brand new script on the fridge circuit and gauge the responses.

The other good news is that the puppet plays are beginning to roll in, and this makes me incredibly happy. The deadline is the end of the month. So if you still want to submit one, you have the time. I have always wanted to support maritime based writers, and it’s finally happening.

Roma 2019

Roma 2019

-Laura-Beth Bird