Hello Internet;

Saturday was the first time I saw the puppet house in person. It’s still in pieces but I can already see how it's coming together. My partner also saw it for the first time. He has been listening to me talk about this for months and not really able to picture it. Now, he’s just as excited as me about the project.

The unit is smaller than originally designed, we agreed to scale it down to make it fit into more spaces like schools and galleries. It still fits two people, the inside will still be pegboard to hang up puppets but the performance window will also be smaller.

This means I will need to scale down the puppet size to match. I'm building the characters to match the play submissions, so at least I haven't lost time or materials. After the build, I will be able to paint the unit. I am very excited about this part and have been researching painting techniques and styles for the images.

I also have a great big steamer truck that I bought at Value Village for $20 this summer. I will be cleaning up soon, and I think I want to cover it in postage stickers from around the world. Haven't decided yet.

It's slowly all coming together!


-Laura-Beth Bird