Hello Internet;

It has been a long week, filled with colds and snow storms. It’s finally the weekend.

I am really very fortunate to visit schools around the province and perform. I get to talk to students about theater and they get to ask myself and the performers about what it's like working professionally in theater. This week, I spoke to a young man interested in costume design and I talked to another young man about stage management. He even mentioned he was looking at Sheridan. He sat next to me as I called the shows from my tech table to see what the programming we used was like and what our books looked like.

(You should note that my tech table also had a bottle of cold medicine on it that I was taking swigs of, multiple packets of Halls and Vics and cold Burger King fries...)

I often wondered where I would have ended up if I had spoken to someone with a theatrical career in high school. If I had seen more options than musical theatre (which I am terrible at) and more sides of the production process. At 18, I was going to become a police officer and paint on the weekends to get my artistic fix because I wanted to be able to pay my bills.

Exposure to the arts is so, so important. I am not much older than the grade 12 students, and I remember the questions I had at that age. The theatre is an industry that involves trade and creatives, and we should talk about that more.


-Laura-Beth Bird