Hello Internet;

It happened. It finally happened. I am patient zero. I got a cold.

It started on Friday and is starting to calm down today, but jeez-louise I was working hard to avoid this. It always happens after a show or on tour, but I didn't want to be the first. This put a lot of my personal art aside for the weekend so there isn't much to report on that front.

Kevin, (my carpenter for this project) has been working away on The Vardi Puppet House on the weekends. For those of are interested, here's the last photo I was sent.


I will be swinging by next weekend to take some progress photos for media, but I am pretty excited. It finally feels like my project is coming together.

There is still a call out for puppet scripts until the end of the month, so get those in ASAP. It's a great project using maritime creatives, so why not get involved.

-Laura-Beth Bird