Hello Internet;

Here’s something that was neat from my travels this winter. My partner and I spent NYE- Jan 2nd in Montreal. We stayed in Downtown Centerville and ate our way through China-Town, Breakfast joints, and Schwartz Deli. One of my favorite things was the Interactive art installation at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art. The installation reacts to your heart rate. You place your hand on the sensors and the lights flicker in time with your heartbeat.

I unfortunately did this after running around the gallery, so my heart rate was through the roof. A little concerned I tried my partners new fit-bit. Result? I need to go to the gym more and Schwartz's Deli less.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Pulse Spiral, 2008300 incandescent light bulbs, heart rate sensor, voltage controllers, computer, custom-made electronics, and software

Courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery

© Rafael Lozano-Hemmer / SODRAC, Montréal / VEGAP, Madrid (2018)

Photo: Guy L'Heureux

-Laura-Beth Bird