Hello internet;

On Monday I drove down to Saint John to meet with Sarah of Fundy Fringe Fest to discuss various funding methods, local community-driven initiatives, and general mentorship things.

I have a special place in my heart for Uptown Saint John. I went to Saint John High, lived on Britain street, Sydney and Duke-street. Uptown has changed a lot since I lived there, and it seems that someone has injected life into the city.

Every time I go back, there's a new cafe, bar or restaurant. Old buildings are being repaired and renovated for apartments. There are art installations on every street and new festivals like the Moonlight Bazaar and Area 506 are seeing thousands of attendees.

Fundy Fringe Fest is one of many great things happening in the arts community. Every year, artists from all over the world submit their work to the Fringe Fest. Performers are chosen by lottery and then given their stages. It is the companies responsibility to advertise the show and draw in the crowd. They then keep all the money made at the box office. It's a pretty good deal.

Fundy Fringe is currently accepting submissions. Take a look and see if its something you want to be involved with. You can be on stage or volunteer. It's a great time either way.



-Laura-Beth Bird