Hello Internet;

The plight of the creative brain is being pulled in a million directions all at once. Staying on task feels almost impossible. The goal is really to get one project done, and then step towards the next one. Easier said than done right?

I fell into this trap today during a costume fitting. I found myself falling down a rabbit hole of “what if I did this event at Christmas with this style of coat for the dancers…” and I had to stop. During rehearsals, it began creeping in again. I started down “well, Santa could wear….who would play a good Santa?….he really should have a bell….maybe we could give out mittens….”

Not the best time.

I have a running list of “maybe” projects. I think about 5-6 things at any given time and I write notes and doodles and put it away. I have an “its happening” list, which lists the most important things for the next project coming up.

Eventually, I have to start on the next thing. I take the “maybe” lists and I have a plausible list of activities. I decide which one seems the most beneficial or interesting and I go from there.

I find that when I'm distracted (which is often) I have to stop, jot it down and know that I will come back to it. Then I can focus on the task at hand.


-Laura-Beth Bird