Hello Internet;

Catching up with life since we landed has been a non-stop venture. It’s been both theatre and film production meetings, fittings for this Aprils NBCCD fashion show and a set of frozen pipes.

But the most exciting thing for me is that I started at TNB this week stage managing for Young Company. This season we are doing Gretel and Hansel and Sania the Destroyer. Today, all the actors arrive at the Open Space and we begin the rehearsal progress.


So, what does this mean for me as a stage manager? I came in 2 days ago to prepare the show book. I also call this my bible. It's a binder full of the scripts, blocking notes, daily schedules, and tour information. It's everything I will ever need to keep this show running. It’s a lot of paperwork, but all of it is necessary.

I brought my mug, lovingly made by Chris Doiron Pottery, and I'm ready to start this 3-month contract.

-Laura-Beth Bird