Hello Internet;

This Friday evening I will be teaching a workshop titled “What's Next? Professionalization of Your Artistic Practice”. It will be held at Edmund Casey Hall auditorium at 6:30 pm. It’s Free to attend and open to the public.

I asked Theatre St. Thomas if they would be interested in hosting this workshop. They graciously agreed to give me space. I wanted students to have more options than a masters in Toronto, and to take a moment to think about what they want from their own futures. I've been reviewing my notes all week in preparation. Compressing 8 weeks of workshops into a 2.5-hour presentation.


I went through university and learned the academic side of theatre, but I didn't learn the business side of things. As an emerging artist, I know how difficult and scary “what happens next” can be. Now, I am fresh from Catapult and ready to discuss the not-so-fun and not-so-discussed side of being an artist.

Everyone has a different idea of what success looks like. We all have different ways of achieving our goals. There are some staple practices that will follow your art career, no matter you do. Hate to say it, but I still have to use math. Between budgeting, bookkeeping and bill payment I spend a lot of time on excel spreadsheets.


This Friday I would love to meet as many artists as possible and try to help them gain footing in the professional world. I hope I can point you all to funding agencies, organizations or new platforms to present your work.

-Laura-Beth Bird