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This falls Catapult programming ended on Friday night. It was standing room only at the Beaverbrook Art Galleries RBC room as all 8 participants gave a short speech about their craft. This has been 8 weekends of income tax, branding and identifying revenue streams. We even met with guest speakers and funding bodies. It was wonderful to see so many of our colleagues and friends join us. It really speaks to how wonderful and invested Fredericton's art community really is.

Laura-Beth Bird. Photo Credit: Danielle Hogan

Laura-Beth Bird. Photo Credit: Danielle Hogan

As many of you know, I decided to take the plunge and become an artist full time this year. I sat down in the James Joyce Pub with Dr. Robin Whittaker and Rodrigo Flores of Joyful Magpies in the spring. After a few beers, I was going to start a theatre company. In June I began an Art-repenure in Residency at Planet Hatch to design my business plan. I was then accepted into Catapult to refine my business skills and adjust my business model to the arts community.

Grey Rabbit Theatre Co. has created a project called “The Vardi Puppet House”. This children's entertainment unit has been designed to be a transportable, educational and a continuous platform for theatre creation. The projects build will begin in spring 2019, with its first shows intended for summer 2019.

This December I continue my education with Mermaid Theatre in Nova Scotia, learning to build and operate hand puppets under the guidance of Jim Morrow and his creative team.

Goodnight Moon & The Runaway Bunny  Photography by Michael Venn

Goodnight Moon & The Runaway Bunny

Photography by Michael Venn

It's been an eventful 2018, and I cannot wait to start the new year with such a fabulous project in the works. As always, I will post every weekday about what I'm working on. You will all get to see the behind the scenes of Mermaid Theatre, the puppet creation, and my frustrated face as I learn from Canada's most prominent puppeteers.

-Laura-Beth Bird