Hello Internet;

It’s been a hectic Christmas week. After finishing the residency at Mermaid Theatre, I headed to PEI to be with my partners family for Christmas. Whilst driving through Kentville N.S, we saw a huge flock of crows. It was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

It was explained to me that crows are a huge problem on the island. I love all things macabre. Crows are no different. Yes, they have their problems like any animal but they're still extremely clever things. I googled and I came across something neat in my research. An event called “March of the Crows” happens on August 25th every year. People dress up like crows and march through the Victoria Park in celebration. Costume making workshops are held at the Confederation of the Arts Center in Charlottetown as well. It’s really just to cause a rukkus.

Art in the Open, Facebook.

Art in the Open, Facebook.

"You just get to be silly and disrupt things" Co-founder Becka Viau stated to CBC. The "March of the Crows" is a part of "Art In The Open", an initiative to bring more art to Charlottetown.

I think that's a wonderful way to go about public art.

-Laura-Beth Bird