Hello Internet;

I get to do simulation training every once in a while, and its fun. Companies and organizations will hire actors to play staff, patients or the general public. It allows the companies training manuals to be a real life thing, and everyone knows life acts a lot different than a textbook.

Simulation work is a mix of improv and script. The actor is usually given a page long bio, listing details of the situation. Name, age and where its taking place. There is also a list of things that must happen during the session. This can be as simple as a name mentioned or a pain in a section of the body. The rest is for the actor to make up as they go. Its the job of the trainees to extract the correct information by asking the right questions and establishing rapport with the actor.

I've now done these jobs for the military, police, and lawyers. It's usually a day long and great work. Many theatrical companies provide this service across Canada and will hire actors in the region.

So, that's my behind the scenes today. Christmas is coming and I'm off to do some simulation training.

-Laura-Beth Bird