Hello Internet;

This weekend I was able to teach a workshop at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery (BAG). Once a month always on a Sunday, the BAG hosts a family day. There is no admission fee and tons of children’s events. All exhibitions are open and many artists set up activity stations. I set up in the RBC room and made paper marionettes based off the book “The Frame Up” and the masterworks collection of the gallery.

I worked for the BAG while I was in university. I taught in the afterschool program and in the summer camps. I loved having a job where I could be creative and develop interesting lesson plans based on local artists. Sometimes I would leave the gallery and teach in middle schools, bringing prints of the BAG’s collection as references.

I'm not a parent, but I can see that it's so important to give children access to the arts. Having things like family day remove a financial barrier that stops a lot of families attending. The workshops and performers create a welcoming space and there are always tour guides available to tell the public more about the paintings.


So, once a month. Family art day at the Beaverbrook art gallery. It's free for everyone and great for kids. Tell everyone.

-Laura-Beth Bird