Just over a year ago, I worked on a film set with Tracy Lavinge and the NB Film Co-op. This moment changed my artistic path dramatically. Being a theatre-or-bust kind of artist couldn’t cut it anymore. I wanted to learn more.


"Glitter" premiered in 2017 at the Silver Wave Film Festival in Fredericton New Brunswick. Since then it has made its way to; Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, Deep Cut Film Festival, Charlottetown Film Festival, FIN Atlantic International Film Festival, Under The Stars Film Festival, RIFFA - Regina International Film Festival and Awards, 10th Annual FeelsGood Folly Fest, International LGBTQ Coming of Age Short Films Festival in Paris and San Francisco, Cinema Spectacular V, and Pink Lobster: New Brunswick's LGBTQ Film Festival.

Now that’s a lot of buts in seats viewing New Brunswick films.

"Glitter" as a production was welcoming. The crew was dedicated to their craft and their professionalism was evident. I knew the set etiquette (because I googled it the night before I was called) and I watched the camera feedback to see what things looked like on screen.

Movie making is still magic to me. A couple of purple lights that had been strategically placed, rainfall of glitter from a cardboard tube and a man with a fan made it look exactly like an 80’s music video.

I’ll be forever grateful to Tracy and her team for introducing me to the NB Film Co-op group.

NB Film Co-op offers classes on equipment use, editing, directing and so, so much more. I have had the opportunity to work on sets across the Maritimes and met so many interesting people. If you’e ever been curious about how to make your own film, the NB Film Co-op is a great place to start.

So, it’s a year later and its Silverwave Film Festival time again. This Thursday through Saturday (9th-11th November) across Fredericton you can view what NB filmmakers have to offer. This year I am in two productions. "Infinity Land" by Jared Carney of Creeker Films and "March 2.4" by Kaitlyn Adair of Rebel Femme Productions. Follow Silverwave Film Festival to view the whole schedule. I cannot wait to see the world premiere of both these works and I hope you can make it out to see them too.

-Laura-Beth Bird