Hello Internet;

This weekend I was able to participate in a table read for “Queen of the Andes” by Jillian Acreman. Acreman won the Telefilm Canada Talent to Watch Program in 2018 which has allowed her to produce her first feature-length script. It will be shot in New Brunswick next summer. Let me tell you, “Queen of the Andes” will make you cry. I don't want to give anything away, so you will just have to watch for the press releases.


If you are a writer, table reads are an important part of the creation of a script. After spending hours and hours writing alone at home, you begin to forget what words sound like in another person's voice. Would they actually say that sentence? Would this really happen in this world?

On Sunday, 21 people sat around a conference table in the Delta Hotel to read this feature film script. Some read for the characters while other members of the crew wrote notes. The session ended with feedback and concerns about the world it takes place in, lists of things set designers needed to find, and an abundance of plants.

I am even more excited to see how this comes together, and I hope that New Brunswick follows the creation and filming closely and shares it widely. Atlantic Canada is full of talent, and in Acreman's case, Talent to Watch.

-Laura-Beth Bird