Hello Internet;

6 things I do while I'm working:

1.All my scripts are in black binders with a white label on the top denoting show, year and director. Unless they are a collection of scripts.

2. I only write notes in black pen. Gel preferably. (Except when in the SM or ASM, too many changes. Has to be in pencil)

3. I wear heels and red lipstick when I'm stressed. It makes me feel like I've got my s**t together.

4. I only paint using flat edge paintbrushes. I like the effect.

5. If i am travelling for work, I take Tetly tea with me. It makes my mornings feel normal and not as daunting. I should have a sponsorship by now.

6. I keep a running note of all my art ideas. Big or small. Things that are just for me. Eventually, I will get there. At the top of my list right now are… Vardi Puppet house, Agamemnon and Lolita.

-Laura-Beth Bird