Hello Internet;

Tonight is the opening night of Theatre St. Thomas “A life of Galileo”. It’s been a long road, but everything is ready to go. Between the interviews on CHSR and the circulating photo’s, Fredericton's all a-buzz about this “Epic” theatre.


This time around I painted the set and build a few props. When you walk in you will see the statement pieces that dot the room (Chris Saad has lit them all superbly). Feel free to ask me about how they were made or what I used to paint them.

I wasn't as involved in the rehearsal as much as normal. I worked through the week and spent most weekends on film sets or travelling. In fact, I've only seen the show in 15-minute clips. I would come in to make sure the prop worked, and dart out again. So, I will be just as surprised as the audience by the whole show… and I can't give anything away.

Chris Saad. “A Life of Galileo” 2018

Chris Saad. “A Life of Galileo” 2018

Despite this rehearsal absence, I will do my pre-show routine. I will write out cards and bake cookies for the cast. I will wear high heels and sit nervously through the show and I will still fret about the props.

The cast and crew have worked so hard to pull this massive piece of theatre together. I hope all of you are able to make it out for this show. "A Life of Galileo" runs Wednesday through Saturday at the Black Box Theatre at 7:30 pm. $5 students, $10 general admission. Seats fill fast so get there early.

See you tonight!

-Laura-Beth Bird