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As many of you know, I have been participating in the Catapult program. On November 30th, the participants will have a “meet the artists talk” at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. All are welcome. I have been told there will be snacks.


Here’s the link to the event:


I cannot go on enough about how great this program has been. Catapult is organized through ArtsNB, facilitated by Sarah Jones and funded in part through ACOA.

Art is a different entrepreneurial venture. Being an artist is being self-employed. This "artist as a business model"often has a hard time fitting in with most startup programs because our work is not often scaleable and very rarely is it mass produced. We’re here to make a living, create a successful career and help other artists do the same. Sounds simple enough.

This program accepted eight artists; a potter, a leather craftsperson, a jeweller, two musicians, two abstract painters and myself. It walked us through our business models and showed us the most professional way to go about them. We discussed marketing, press releases’ and revenue streams. We were given resource material and given guidance through professionals in each field.

On November 30th, come to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. Say hello to New Brunswick's latest Catapult troop. Eat some snacks, ask about what we are up too. It will be a great night

-Laura-Beth Bird