Hello Internet;

This weekend I did what may Maritime performers do…drive to Halifax for an audition. This is not unusual when the hub for TV and Film in Atlantic Canada is the only place you could call a real city. Even if its a small one.

Nova Scotia has also seen a boost in government funding after a string of celebrities came to film TV shows and movies. Recently, you may have taken the time to watch “The Mist” airing on Spike TV or “Pure” on CBC. A lot more filmmakers are heading over there to create because making films is expensive.

I often get asked how I find out about these auditions or productions. Many actors just haven’t seen the same calls I have. So, here are some of my tricks.

I joined casting websites. Hennessy and Ballyhoo are some around here. Often the calls are for NS residents. Don’t be discouraged. Geographical restrictions don’t apply to every call. Keep an eye out.

I also go to film festivals. Talking to the people making the films is a great way to find out what they’re up to next. Ask if there’s any way you can be involved or even if they’ve started casting yet. Don’t be afraid to send them your resume and head shot. You don’t know until you’ve asked.

I join film co-ops or organizations and read their calls for actors. NB film-Cop, AFCOOP, Screen Nova Scotia… this is an industry. It's good to keep ahead of what's going on.

So, there are some of my not-so-secrets. Remember, be professional, be on time, know your industry.


Laura-Beth Bird. Silverwave Film Festival. 2018

Laura-Beth Bird. Silverwave Film Festival. 2018