Hello internet;

6 things I do when I paint:

1.       Tie my hair up:

                I have long hair, it gets in the way. I often have hair ties dotted around my work space. If not, I always have paintbrushes. I kind of roll it up in to a French bun like thing and then keep it in place with the paintbrushes. This has gotten me in trouble. Some of my students started to do this too and suddenly we had no paintbrushes in the classroom. They were going home with them in the hair!

2.       Drink tea:

                I’m British. Its in my nature. I live in Canada right now, so its Tetley Bold.

3.       Blast music and sing loudly:

                I will not lie to you, I still listen to pop punk and heavy metal. I do not hear when people enter the studio or theatre. Also podcasts, really into “The Last Podcast on the Left” <—not for everyone.

4.       Continually look at my inspirations:

                I double check painting techniques, styles I liked and things I am unsure of doing. I have Pinterest boards and sketchbooks. If I look at it now, a lot of it is sewing patterns and stage designs. I’m not necessarily sewing anything for work but at the moment but I’m trying to understand the mechanics of some of the more intricate folds. I think its neat.

5.       Make mistakes and then fix the mistakes:

                I call what I do “building nonsense”. My work is always different, and I am not a master puppet builder or scientist who knows exactly what mars looks like. But there’s google and applying my base knowledge to the situation. Then I just try and figure it out. Sometimes it takes time - and yes sometimes its frustrating - but at the end of the day this is what I’m employed to do, so I’ve got to get it done.

6.       Take photos

                I didn’t realize how important documenting my work is for grant applications or a portfolio. So now I’m actively taking photos at the end of each day to mark my progress. In the past I’ve had to dig around my IM’s to find a glimpse of something I’ve built. No more. If you take anything away from this post. Take more photos.


-          Laura-Beth Bird